Painting, Roofing, Waterproofing & Asbestos Removal Contractors

William Scott prioritises safety, efficiency and expertise. We have invested heavily in the latest technology and specialized equipment, enabling us to undertake work at heights and over large areas with ease. We are accredited by all leading paint and roofing suppliers, and our team members receive rigorous safety and skills training, ensuring they are well-prepared to handle any challenge that may arise on the job.

75 Years Done Right

Specialist Contractors

William Scott offers a comprehensive range of specialized finishing services for commercial and industrial buildings. Our expert teams, including Painting, Roofing, Waterproofing, and Epoxy Flooring, are fully certified and possess the necessary skills to perform their specific functions.

Our imported aerial lifts, swing scaffolds, and fixing brackets are specially designed to suit any structure. We take pride in using the latest industrial spray painting application techniques and equipment, which enables us to minimize disruptions to assembly lines while on-site.


William Scott Painting Contractors is fully equipped to offer the widest range of specialised painting services during the construction, or refurbishment of commercial & industrial buildings. William Scott are experts at working at heights, scaffolding work & specialised spraying techniques for large construction areas.


William Scott Waterproofing Contractors are skilled in the waterproofing of roofing, flooring, interior and exterior walls for commercial and industrial applications. William Scott only uses the highest quality waterproofing preparation and coating products that have proven to be highly durable in our South African climate.


William Scott Roofing Contractors has a dedicated roofing and re-roofing team who are experts in lightweight steel, clay and concrete roofing. William Scott only uses the highest quality sealing, bonding, damping, reinforcing and protecting products that have proven to be highly durable in our South African climate.

Epoxy Flooring

William Scott Expoxy Flooring Contractors are epoxy flooring specialists. Usually installed in high-end commercial buildings that require completely sealed, hygienic, waterproof floors and other surfaces, epoxy flooring is a complex process that requires specialized skills. Each stage in the process is carefully prepared and monitored.

Asbestos Removal

William Scott Asbestos Removal Contractors are certified asbestos removal contractors. William Scott removes and disposes of all asbestos roofing materials safely. All of our contractors are fully certified in all aspects of asbestos, complying with all regulations which are very carefully managed and monitored.

Exceptional Contractors


Started in 1948, William Scott is one of the most established painting, roofing and waterproofing companies in South Africa and boast the highest accreditation from the industry’s regulatory authorities.

Access Options

Providing every type of access solution:

  • Aerial lifts
  • Suspended platforms
  • Scaffolding
  • Rope access


William Scott has letters of good standing with SARS and COIDA. Every project includes the sign off of a mandatory safety file to provide clients with the peace of mind that safety of our team, clients’ property, staff and customers are our highest priority.


We provide further peace of mind by insuring every William Scott contract which guarantees that should there be any mishaps that the damages are fully covered by William Scott.


Over the last 75 years we have completed many of the industries most challenging projects. Clients benefit from William Scott owning all of our access equipment including; aerial lifts, suspended platforms and scaffolding.


We have developed strong relationships with top suppliers and other leading brands. We use our intimate knowledge of these products to ensure that our clients get the best possible solution. In addition, we only use the highest quality preparation and coating products that have proven to be highly durable in our South African climate, for interiors and exteriors in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. This approach not only ensures a top-quality finish, but our buying power saves money that we pass on to our clients.