Asbestos Removal Contractors

William Scott is a certified asbestos removal contractor, with a team of highly skilled and certified professionals who are trained in the safe removal, handling, and proper disposal of asbestos roofing materials. We take asbestos removal seriously and comply with all regulations, which are carefully managed and monitored to ensure maximum safety.

We adhere to the highest technical standards and health and safety requirements, while demonstrating attention to safety, quality, and value. We understand that environmental awareness and legislative consciousness are paramount in the removal and disposal of asbestos. That’s why we ensure strict compliance with current legislation, so that site personnel and the general public are safeguarded through safe site storage and the secure movement and removal of waste.

As a registered contractor with the South African Department of Labour, we keep records of all our asbestos removal projects and keep our team’s training up-to-date, as required by law. Our commitment to safety and compliance has made us a trusted choice for asbestos removal services.


William Scott is one of the most established painting companies in South Africa and boast the highest accreditation from the industry’s regulatory authorities.


Providing every type of access solution:

Aerial Lifts
Rope Access
Suspended platforms
Andrew Scott Waterproofing Division Manager
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Asbestos Removal Division Manager


William Scott has letters of good standing with SARS and COIDA.

Every project includes the sign off of a mandatory safety file to provide clients with the peace of mind that safety of our team, clients’ property, staff and customers are our highest priority.


We provide further peace of mind by insuring every William Scott contract which guarantees that should there be any mishaps that the damages are fully covered by William Scott.