Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy coated floors are remarkably hardwearing and safe and usually installed in high-end commercial and industrial buildings that require completely sealed, hygienic, waterproof floors and speciality surfaces.

William Scott Contracts are factory and industrial epoxy flooring experts and have been laying epoxy flooring since 2004. From preparation to the end product, our team of professionals carefully prepared for and monitored each stage in the process to ensure the sleek, waterproof, modern finish epoxy flooring provides.

Epoxy Flooring Contractors Port Elizabeth

Interesting facts on epoxy coated floors

Epoxy is a type of polymer that begins as a liquid and is converted to a solid state through a controlled chemical reaction. Because of this change in state, epoxy floor coatings are typically a mechanically strong and chemically resistant type of flooring.

Epoxy floor coatings are highly adhesive during the conversion from liquid to solid allowing them to create a secure bond with both new and old concrete flooring surfaces.

One of the mechanical preparation methods of the floor involves shot blasting, a process which “sands” the surface of a concrete floor using steel shot and self contained abrasive blasting equipment. This leaves a clean “white” surface with a uniform stipple finish that will allow the epoxy primer to saturate into and adhere to the concrete substrate, creating a mechanical chemical bond that will not break. The second stage of the epoxy flooring process lays a layer or colour or flake over the epoxy primer while it is still wet, and finally a two-part chemical and abrasion resistant clear-coat gives the floor its durability and shine. The finished floor is resistant to most fluids, heat and is virtually maintenance free.

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